About Me

I am Emma Rose Neal and I live in San Anselmo, CA. Previously to living here for the majority of my life, I was born in Norwich, England, where my family on my father's side resides. The family on my mother's side is located in Iligan City, Philippines.

I am very fortunate to have traveled to 8 countries at my early age of 14. I've been to the Canadian Rockies to the low flat fields of England, the beautiful rock formations in Utah and Arizona sculpted by the Earth, to the pitted holes and vast graveyards of WW1 in France created by humans. I've experienced different cultures from the pow wows of the Warms Springs Native Americans to the busy streets of the Philippines. The experiences and cultures I learned from these trips have contributed to the development of who I am today. I believe that seeing the world and how others live can truly impact one's mindset and thoughts.

Besides my passion for traveling, I have always been interested in creating videos. Ever since I was in 3rd grade, I would film with my mother's camera and edit them with iMovie. The videos usually involved my cat and forcing my friends to wear crazy outfits. I began to take this hobby more seriously by learning how to write a script, storyboard, and screenplay. I decided to showcase my work by entering the Marin County Fair Video competition, and ended up winning best of show in my age category two years in a row.

At this point I was still using my old point and shoot camera, and wanted to use a camera more sophisticated for my work. So, my parents gifted me a Canon Powershot sx520. This camera did improve the quality of my videos, yet also provoked my interest in photography. I took a photography class at my current school, Sir Francis Drake High, where my appreciation and passion towards the medium began to blossom. One day, I had the opportunity to photograph A Cappella groups at an event called the Bay Area regional Harmony Sweepstakes, located at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The groups performing and the producer were impressed with my photos, therefore I was assigned as the official photographer of this event.

I have previously won awards for my photos in the Marin County Fair, as well as for my digital art. I took two years of a digtal art class at White Hill Middle School, where I learned how to use Photoshop. Since then, I have used my designing skills to create graphics for www.singers.com.

My creative outlet that I have been pursuing the longest is playing the piano. I started taking piano lessons when I was 5 years old, and have continued that for 9 years. Every 6 months I have a piano recital, and for 4 years in a row, I have won 2nd and 3rd place awards at the Marin County Star Search competition.

On this site, you can find my work in these areas and for school. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments at emmaroseneal@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my work.