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"Writing for a newspaper is like running a revolutionary war; you go into battle not when you are ready but when action offers itself."
-- Norman Mailer, The Presidential Papers, 1963.

Editing, producing and delivering a newspaper is like that, too, and doing so under strike conditions was both exhilarating and exhausting. We could not have fulfilled our obligation to our community to provide news and information each day without the energy and commitment of the men and women who staffed the Free Press.

Nor would we have been able to secure a fair contract with our employers without the support and encouragement of our community.

That includes the many shops that put up "on strike" signs where the newspapers usually sat to the restaurants that sent over food to the picket lines and strike headquarters and to the individuals who did the same and who also brought blankets and warm coffee on those cold, wet rainy nights.

It includes the businesses that donated supplies and our advertisers who bought space in the Free Press. It includes the men and women of the San Francisco Police Department who treated us fairly and professionally as they did their job keeping the peace.

It includes the union men and women who didn't cross the picket lines to work for the management-produced newspapers.

At the Free Press makeshift newsroom on Mary Street, it includes the union volunteers who guarded the computer equipment late at night and early morning, and the Teamsters who helped distribute the four issues published during the 12-day strike.

It includes the Chronicle and Examiner reporters who continued to write and report and the business men and women of the San Francisco Newspaper Agency who sold and produced advertising.

Finally, it includes the following editors, graphic artists, photo editors, page designers, systems operators, ad director and support staff. We apologize if we missed a name. Know that you have our heartful thanks:

Ed Lempien, Linda Strean, Jack Ivers, Cathy McLain, Mike Wolgelenter, Ken Conner, Jerry Roberts, Marge Rice, Dick Rogers, Carol Ness, Joe Shoulak, April Lynch, Sheryl Oring, Jim Brewer, Liz Mangelsdorf, Gail Bensinger, Carla Marinucci, Susan Arthur, Suzanne Locke, Bonnie Lemons, Trapper Byrne, Mike Gray, Jon Stewart, Leba Hertz, Bill Prochnow, Stu Huntington, Sue Shoemaker, Lynn Forbes, Dorothy Yule, Eric Jungerman, Ed Rachles, Curt Young, Rob Collier, Rico Mendez, Lance Jackson, Tyra Mead, Walter Blum, Timothy Gillespie, Dave Lewis, Fred Larson, Jim Parkinson, Zach Trenholm, Pete Danko, Dan Brekke, Regan McMahon, Morris Dye, Allen Matthews, Henry Schulman, Stephanie Salter, Margo Freistadt and Richard Paoli.

Eleven days at Fifth & Mish

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Special thanks to: Hoover Chan, Roger Karraker and the journalism students at Santa Rosa Community College, Dave Winer and Brian Zisk.

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"The sources of information are the springs from which democracy drinks."
-- Adlai E. Stevenson, Oct. 19, 1956

In memory:
Kent Wilson

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