SF Free Press Thursday, November 10, 1994
1st Edition * Last updated at 11:48 a.m. on Thurs. Nov 10, 1994 * San Francisco, CA

Wilson victory elevates him to national stage

But approval rating remains low in his own state

By Susan Yoachum

Wilson immediately moves to implement 187

Governor bans pre-natal care to undocumented as two courts block new law
By Pamela Burdman and Susan Ferriss

Complete statewide election returns

More News

S.F. supes more liberal tilt; new state school chief promises changes; judges put on notice; winners and losers in the IBM-Apple pact; and new luxury condos with a view of the ballpark

Words & Wit

Jon Carroll on our happy, happy, joy, joy state; Art Hoppe on why we're screwed; plus Pat Steger

Arts & Features

Frank Viviano visits with Gilbert Shelton in Paris; Wood on food; Millman on the box

Sporting Gray

Major changes in the Gray include up-to-the-minute scores from NBA, NFL and college football, plus breaking news from all over. That, along with new columns from Ray Ratto and Bruce Jenkins.

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