SF Free Press November 12-13, 1994
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Tentative pact includes pay hikes, job protections
By Eric Brazil and Carl Nolte

Study shows Bay Area breast cancer rate is highest in the world

No cause found for high incidence among white women
By Jane Kay and John Flinn

More News

The scarf that's splitting France; minority divisions helped pass 187; Insiders on life without Brown; S.F.'s jail shortage problem remains unsolved; selling real estate without newspapers; controversial condo project approved on Telegraph Hill; strained conversations as striking reporters win awards as management watches

Words & Wit

Jon Carroll on Mr. O'Donoghue; Stephanie Salter on Bosnia and pickets

Arts & Features

Earth 2 to Millman; Rossney's online column; CynCity; fashion; food

Sporting Gray

Major changes in the Gray include up-to-the-minute scores from NBA, NFL and college football, plus breaking news from all over. That, along with new columns from Scott Ostler, C.W. Nevius and Bruce Jenkins. And a weekend ski report, too.

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