SF Free Press Wednesday, November 9, 1994
6th Edition * Last updated at 4:48 p.m. on Wed. Nov 9, 1994 * San Francisco, CA

Election 94

Feinstein wins despite national Republican thunder; Wilson re-elected; Prop. 187 passes easily; plus, complete coverage of all the other issues on yesterday's ballot

Viacom to sell its cable TV system 94

$2.4 billion agreement with Bay Area company expected next week
By Jeff Pelline

More News

Mayor Jordan reports some progress in newspaper talks; memorial to be held for electrocuted striker

Words & Wit

Get your daily fix of Herb Caen and Jon Carroll

Arts & Features

Patricia Holt interviews Anna Quindlen; Scott Rosenberg's review of The War; more channel surfing with Joyce Millman

Sporting Gray

Rookie forward Carlos Rogers twisted an ankle Wednesday in his first full-blown Warriors practice. That, plus coverage of the Warriors' 121-114 Tuesday victory over Miami, along with Joan Ryan, Scott Ostler, Ray Ratto and the rest of this town's best sports columnists.

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